We have gathered a number of C.M.A.C. related photos and documents from a variety of sources. These have been categorized under the headings below.

Sadly, we haven't had the opportunity of sifting through the over 100 boxes of C.M.A.C. Unit Records stored in the National Archives in Maryland. Living in England dampens easy access.

Many of the stories behind the pictures are told in the novel C.M.A.C., A Vietnam Era Trilogy. See the Novel for more information.

 I wish to thank all those who have contributed especially:


The National Archives

Chuck Galloway

Tom Krock

Vince Perpetuo

William H. Riley


and ask those who may have C.M.A.C. related experiences, photos, etc., to notify me and I will add them to the collection. My contact email is: JJJF@SaigonWarrior.com.

The images will be enhanced by comments currently in the roster - as I can get to them.

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C.M.A.C. Headquarters

C.M.A.C. Documentation


Tactical Operations Centre (TOC)

Flash Tower Net



Units Headquarters



Out & About


MACV Annex

News Releases

Search & Destroy